Dusty rose walls, halfway between earth and sky Straw rafters overhead Sunlight drifting in, beam by beam, lazily The whispers of grey exhaust from motorbikes Salaam aleikoum, kisses, love from brother to brother Begging, needling, insulting, anything to sell A little present for guiding you? Ten dirhams? This is like ten cents. Tiles of pavement, unsteady A dip and a splash Cats darting from car to wagon Sun overhead, bearing down unbearable heat Winds in the shade, cold as if evening has arrived A wave of white at midday Children, women, men Men in hats, clapping a hand to each other’s shoulders A cafe, French, resplendent Black and White and the red of riches pillowing the seats A staircase winding above, to drink to your health and wealth in a foreign land High above the dust of the streets Streets of men, dusty, smoking, squatting, playing cards, whispering Salaam aleikoum High above the little boy and his brother Biking in slipshod sandals Next to the mopeds of grown men Just another traveler Three breads clutched loosely in one hand Biking with just his knees to steer